Digital Marketing

Jeffries Productions offers a variety of the latest Digital Marketing services intended to disrupt market trend and reach top line goals. Using an integrated strategy combined with competitive digital media our efforts can drive the next level marketing your company or start-up needs. Our services are broken down below:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • We can build custom tailored strategies designed to help you reach your growth potential. Ask us about auditing your current strategy to find the pain points that are hindering you from reaching your goals.
  • Social Media Marketing
    • We can help guide you through the ropes of the ever changing and populating social channels. Utilizing the latest tools we can help you drive direct to customer sales or simple grow your brand using both earned and paid social media strategies.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Whether we are diving into Google, Bing, or Yahoo paid search, we can drive your PPC strategy to bring down branded search cost while increasing conversion rate. We focus entirely on becoming efficient, owning your search and gaining ground over your competitors.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • By far the most important aspect of owning a website. Having a proper SEO strategy can drive the organic traffic and search engine real-estate you need. We understand we are becoming a pay to play world, however, proper SEO can help drive your paid results as well.
  • Analytics
    • We can help you read and understand the metrics you need to make informed decisions. The best business moves are made using data and what the customer is telling you through their actions on your website.
  • Website Merchandising
    • In our wold of e-commerce websites it is very important how you merchandise your product to help drive conversions. a lot of companies fail when it comes to the basic site optimization that drives conversions – it not just about how pretty your site is, it is how efficient a customer can check out.
  • Email Marketing
    • The key to driving loyalty. Email Marketing is the #1 driver of direct sales through some of your most loyal customers. We can help you segment and deliver the best media necessary to the right audience. We can jump right into your current ESP and help you rebuilt your database.
  • Content Marketing
    • The best strategies are built from a solid foundation. Your foundation needs to be driven from the best content you can provide to your potential customer. If you cannot draw them in through your media strategy, all of your channels will suffer. We can help curate and deliver the content you need to stand out among the rest and grow.


If you are interested in taking your marketing efforts to the next level, feel free to contact us for us to audit your current marketing strategy.